Sunday, April 03, 2011

Kuching Marina can attract high-end tourists

KUCHING: The Kuching Marina located near Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) is a strategic spot for marine related activites, in line with upcoming development of Isthmus City around the area.

Stating this during a working visit to Kuching Marina yesterday, Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Rahim Bakri elaborated that the Kuching Marina is one of the efforts by the government to fill high-end tourism needs in the state.

“High-end tourism, especially involving the yatching and boating community and clubs around the world will definitely benefit from this place, and would add up to other tourism excitement in Sarawak,” said Rahim.

He added that the potential of the area, with the building of a hotel and commercial areas around it would create a synergy and believed that the upcoming city would definitely create better economic opportunity for the people.

“The private sector can play their role to liven up this area. This marina has spots for commercial trade which I believe can offer market for yatching, angling and water sports equipment,” he pointed out.

Rahim also calls on tourism industry players to engage in related activities in the area such as river cruises, water sports activities and regattas.

The RM24 million Kuching Marina project under the Marine Department is the first ever government-owned marina in East Malaysia.

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