Sunday, September 16, 2012

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton Visits Rainforest In Borneo, Gets Hoisted Up 130-Foot Tree

This has certainly been a busy week for Kate Middleton, to say the least.

Her glamourous royal tour through Southeast Asia has quickly turned into a media frenzy as French tabloid Closer published topless photos of the duchess.

So how does a royal handle being so publicly exposed?

By trudging on with official duties -- in this case, throwing on a harness and being hoisted up a 130-foot tree.

After touring Malaysia, Prince William and Kate visited a rainforest in Borneo to see the Danum Valley research center and highlight the conservation work being done there.

The Duchess of Cambridge ditched her elegant duds for a more activity-appropriate outfit: khakis and hiking boots.

Kate has been known for her glamping skills, so no surprise here that she was able to maintain her bouncy blowout in nature yet again.