Monday, September 17, 2012

Sarawak to be promoted as filming location

KUCHING: The state government will actively promote Sarawak as a film shooting location for the region through the Sarawak Tourism Ministry.

The ministry is now looking into various ways to create destinations for moviemakers and film tourists.

“If New Zealand can become the shooting location for the famous Hollywood movie ‘Lord of The Rings’, we believe Sarawak is also a suitable location for the filming of Bollywood movies,” said Assistant Tourism Minister (Local Events and Products) Datuk Gramong Juna on Saturday.

He was representing Tourism Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg at the launch of the Sarawak Dayak Filmmaking Association.

Gramong said the ministry would send a delegation to Mumbai, India soon to meet filmmakers there and to further promote Sarawak as a potential movie location.

Such promotion is necessary, he said, because the state has natural settings for movies as well as documentaries.

“We have the national parks, wildlife, mountains, apart from the various ethnic cultures and traditions that can become extra factors for their films and documentaries,” he said.

He pointed out that international filmmakers were still unaware of the state’s potential.

Gramong called on organisations such as the Sarawak Dayak Filmmaking Association to work together to promote the state.

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