Tuesday, August 13, 2013

14 troupes to perform at Sibu International Dance Festival

SIBU: Fourteen groups will perform in the five-day Sibu International Dance Festival, beginning today, at the Sibu Civic Centre here.

The groups include those from Lithuania, Taipei, China, India, Singapore and Thailand.

The event, part of the town’s tourism events, is organised by the Sibu Hornland Dance Theatre, together with the Sibu Municipal Council.

According to festival director Chen Ing Kuan of the Sibu Hornland Dance Theatre, experts from the participating countries would conduct dance seminars and workshops on Wednesday and Thursday.

On the dance troupes, he said Lituania’s ‘Papartelis’ would perform in the state for the first time.

He said Thailand’s Thaksin University of Songkla group led by Assistant Professor Thummanit Nokomrat would perform the unique ‘Nohra’ dance of Southern Thailand.

Two groups from Singapore, namely the ‘Frontier Danceland’ and ‘Wu Yue Dance Studio Arts Troupe’, will perform dances by blending the characteristics of eastern and western culture.