Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Orangutans at Rasa Ria, Borneo

We returned to Rasa Ria on this trip because Nik hadn't been and my Uncle and his family wanted to see the orangutans too.

What we hadn't expected was to be staying in the amazing Shangri-La Resort where the orangutans are.

Mum and Dad planned it as a surprise for everyone and booked us all rooms there!

They'd told us they'd found a nice but cheap B&B for the night but drove us up to the hotel when we arrived!!

It was amazing and there will be a post to follow about the hotel and what else we got up to there.

Anyway, the orangutan sanctuary at Rasa Ria works in conjunction with the larger sanctuary at Sepilok.

They look after the young orphans beginning their rehabilitation before they are transferred to Sepilok when they are older for the next phases before being reintroduced to the wild.

At Rasa Ria, they live in the rainforest within 64 acre nature reserve and are free to wander off if they wish but as they receive food, love and care while they are young and they seem content to stay while they learn to take care of themselves from the rangers.

Members of the public are asked to refrain from touching or feeding them as they want to keep interaction with humans to a minimum as part of their rehabilitation.

Keeping your distance can be difficult as sometimes the orangutans are a bit mischievous and swing down onto the viewing platform, trying to steal drinks, cameras or anything shiny (as you'll see in one of the videos if you make it to the bottom)!

We had to move back to give them space while the ranger tried to keep them back.

It also showed their playful side and need to be loved as they cuddled into the rangers and played with them.

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