Friday, August 02, 2013

To the Tip of Borneo, Kudat

Just prior to my physical transfer to Sabah, a fellow colleague of mine recommended this place as the tip of Borneo - to which, frankly speaking and admitting, I have no friggin' idea what she meant when she first told me.

Suffice to say, I just nodded my head in agreement with the wonders of Sabah she has to say as she spent quite a lot of time studying her premed there.

It only came to light when I actually visited the place and fully understood that the Tip of Borneo actually represents the first tip of the ear of Sabah - our personal tour guide told us that the map of Sabah resembles the head of a dog and that the first tip of the ear is in fact the Tip of Borneo.

Like the travel to Kundasang's cattle farm, the journey from Kota Kinabalu was arduous, painfully long and for certain sections of the road leading into Kudat being unpaved, it was a definite obstacle posing as a challenge for many tourists to give up.

I was told by my girlfriend that only a handful of people would visit this place prior to it being made known to the wide populace throughout Asia - and it's quite convenient to believe her as the route leading into the tip of Borneo itself is well hidden and may not be something a normal tourist would be able to find or need I say, drive on the hardened gravel unpaved road. 

Then again, there are well-placed signs in strategic turns of location pinpointing to the desired destination.

The tip of Borneo in Kudat commands a breathtaking view of two seas meeting head-on at the washed out rock surface which makes its imprint as the first ear-tip of Sabah. With the South China Sea on your left and the Sulu Sea on your right and meeting in the middle, such phenomenon need I say more, is one that is within reach of many Malaysians who are yet to witness this marvel.

The travel from KK to Kudat may take about 2.5 to 3 hours journey totalling up to nearly 4 hours, in taking into account the fact that rest stops are made at Kota Belud while on the way there.

Most visitors can opt to rent a car and drive by themselves up to Kudat, but I suppose the best and recommended method is to hire a tour guide who is more than happy to get you there and back in a full day's trip. There are stops on the way back and they are included in your package tour.

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