Sunday, August 25, 2013

Down Memory Lane - Sabah Railway Train

It was my dream to visit the Sabah railway station in Tanjung Aru to inquire about the travel schedule to all it's destination but instead asked my nephew who is also interested for the travel trip on the train.

A friend was promising me for the trip for awhile but there was no indication of him going for the trip so I decided to suggest it to my family members and they were indeed very eager especially the young ones.

It was therefore suggested that the coming Saturday was chosen as it was also the last of the school holiday.

We chose for the earliest trip that was at 7.40 am and  make sure that all of us must be at the station at 7.00 am.

As we were looking forward to the trip, there was no problem of waking up early.

I was once again a young kid telling all the first timer of the thrill travelling on a train.

There was no problem parking your vehicles there as there were ample parking lots as you are taking the return trip in the afternoon.

When we reached Tg Aru Railway station, there were a lot of people mostly seated with their travelling bag and maybe cookies or Raya delicacies inside the bag and boxes.

As a first timer to the station I went directly to the counter but nobody was manning the counter.

I was surprised as the travelers stood up behind me to make a queue. (Ikut Barisan bogia lol ...)

They thought that I was there for the queue and since they stood behind me why not stay put instead of going at the back of the queue.

While waiting for the counter staff to open I spoke to a lady about the train and the railway route.

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