Friday, August 02, 2013

Desa Cattle Farm, Kundasang

I've got to admit that going up to the Desa Cattle Farm in Kundasang was no easy task. As the place is located right at the foothills of Mt Kinabalu, or at least in its surrounding area, one would have to expect an uphill task of traveling with a slow speed and a harsh engine sound.

Thankfully, we rented a car to manoeuvre through the hilly trail. The roads leading up to the farm is paved throughout and that makes things better for once however the other portion of the road that branches out of the main road that leads into the farm itself isn't.

The road is filled with stones and rocks of all sizes and if you are not careful or are not slow enough, you might just leave a permanent mark on your tyres rendering yourself being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Be it a rented vehicle, no more or less, one would still feel the creeps in manoeuvring the car through the almost 1.5-2 km length of unpaved and uneven road.

It's not one task that would bring on the adventure habit out of you or the adrenaline junkie you have hidden inside. In fact, it was more of an experience filled with palpitations, trepidations and cold sweat.

Right in my mind, I was just praying hard that the tyres don't burst as it grates upon the spiky rocks every now and then. I was moving so slowly at a snail's pace that getting to the farm itself was a pain in the neck.

I have to confess that there was this feeling of giving up hope and turning back at each bend of the road that unrelentingly introduces more of these sections of unpaved trails.

Then again... the experience upon reaching the cattle farm was indeed breathtaking. The green meadow and the lush sceneries with a landscape that extends beyond the horizon before meeting up with the mountains was an unforgettable experience altogether.

One that you have to promise yourself of witnessing before going back if ever, you do travel to Sabah. The cool weather and the windy breeze makes up for lost time traveling through the rocky road that some people would hilariously termed it as experiencing a full body massage for free whilst seated in your car.

We were however, slightly unfortunate as there weren't any cows grazing on the meadows as we have expected and anticipated prior by looking at the travel brochures.

Then again, there are specific set times in order for one to be able to enjoy certain luxury, so make sure that you check it up properly or choose a travel agent that knows best before heading on out to the meadows.

We do see quite a lot of tourist agencies taking up tourists from countries like China, Taiwan and Hong Kong in vans that are more tolerant towards the road conditions.

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