Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guidebook on Mount Kinabalu's eastern trail launched

KOTA KINABALU: Plans to promote the less explored eastern part of Mount Kinabalu to adventure seekers are being worked out.

Sabah Parks chairman Datuk Seri Tengku Zainal Adlin Tengku Mahamood said while it was too early to reveal anything, he expected to come out with something concrete in the next few months.

Launching a guidebook, East Kinabalu: A Guide to the Eastern Part of Mount Kinabalu on Monday, he said part of the reason for a lack of climbers at that part of the mountain was the dearth of information compared with the well-trodden tourist trail to the highest peak, the Low's Peak.

The 160-page guidebook, written by three local climbing enthusiasts, would help address the matter and hopefully generate interest for others to venture into the less explored part of the mountain, said Zainal Adlin.

"People normally take the normal routes as east of Mt Kinabalu is for the more adventurous; it is more challenging yet safe.

"But more is needed to be done so that people will be able to experience the rocky wilderness there. We are planning something, but we cannot say anything yet until the government endorses it."

Asked about the difference in the number of climbers between the East Kinabalu route and the popular tourist trail, he said: "Last year, about 50,000 people climbed the western trail up Mt Kinabalu, but only nine people climbed the mountain's eastern trail.

"In the past, it was mostly Kinabalu Parks staff who climbed the eastern part of Mt Kinabalu, so we need to attract more local and international trekkers to this part."