Sunday, October 13, 2013

Neways donates AUD10,000 for Borneon Sun Bear Conservation in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU: Neways International (Australia) is part of a global company dedicated to creating healthy people, healthy homes and a healthy environment.

The Neways brand is widely recognised as a pioneer in developing products that are formulated without the use of any potentially harmful ingredients.

Neways has offices in over a dozen countries, including Malaysia.

Some 200 of Neways’ top distributors from Australia and New Zealand are currently in Sabah to celebrate their individual and business successes in the Neways Diamond Adventure.

While in Sabah, both the company and its people are choosing to support the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) in their ongoing efforts to reverse the plight of this often overlooked endangered species native to the island.

“’We’re planning on taking all of our people to the sanctuary itself so they can get a real feel for the work being done,” said Neways Managing Director Andy Kirss in a statement issued here yesterday.

“While I know the money we are donating will be an obviously welcome addition to the BSBCC’s work, I feel the awareness generated by the message getting out to the millions of Neways product users around the globe will be the real treasure in the long run,” he said’.

Among the attendees at the event is senior Neways Distributor Micko O’Byrne who made the unorthodox choice to join his colleagues in Sabah not by flying in, but by making the journey from his home in Western Australia by land and sea – with the land part of the journey on motorbike.

Micko has documented his journey on his blog, telling both a great tale and raising awareness of the Sun Bears as he has travelled across both Australia and Indonesia on his journey to Malaysia.