Friday, November 20, 2015

Malaysia With Kids: Niah National Park

Borneo is Malaysia’s oft forgotten island, generally favoured by intrepid backpackers and scuba divers for its spectacular untouched natural beauty.

It’s a shame that more families don’t venture here because if you take the time to explore the heart of the rainforest and you will discover some brilliant cave walks and ancient civilisations at Niah National Park.

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The Destination

For children interested in exploring nature’s playground, the Niah National Park in Sarawak is part rainforest boardwalk expedition, part archeological adventure, part cave discovery.

Not only is it an exciting way to introduce older children (and active parents) to the great outdoors, it is safe enough for any reasonably fit person to achieve and easy enough to only occupy a short one or two days.

The reasons to enter the Park are the famous caves, but the boardwalk around the park is also a fun way to spot wildlife such as hornbills and macaques and experience a bona fide tropical forest.

The caves themselves are a thriving, living ecosystem of dripping walls, creepy crawlies and stinking guano (bat droppings – yes there are live bats too) that is a thrilling sensory assault.

It is a brilliant experience to duck under passageways, creep down dark crevasses and peer at sleeping animals camouflaging themselves in the darkness.

And witnessing the spectacle as the thousands of bats leave the caves at dusk is not to be missed.

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