Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Slicence: Welcome to Mataking Island

We were picked up from Tawau at 7:30am and driven to Semporna (slightly to the east along the coast) for a 9:30am boat time to Mataking island.

The boat trip took about 45 minutes but all the traveling was worth it - the island is a beautiful picturesque tropical island paradise. 

The island is small (you can walk from one side of the island to the other in 2 minutes) and well looked maintained. 

After we arrived, setteled into our rooms we wondered from our rooms to the beach (a good 30 second walk). 

The water around the island is exceptionally clear and the 'house reef' (the reef that surrounds the island) is perfect for snorkelling. 

In fact you don't really need to swim at all, the reef is so shallow that you can just stand up and stick your head under the water to see the most amazing underwater world.

After lunch Sammy took to his first dive. 

He decided not to take his camera as this was his first dive in a new place with new equipment and guides. 

However this turned out to be mistaken given the incredible sightings that he saw.

Firstly he spotted the islands 'pet' baracuda (named charlie), which was great as they are an impressive fish. 

The next incounter with a fish was a little more intimidating as both Sammy and the guide proceeded to be attacked by a trigger fish. 

The trigger fish is probably about the size of a plate and possesses some pointy teeth. 

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