Thursday, September 08, 2016

Becoming You: Wonderful Indonesia - A river cruise through the Borneo jungle on a Klotok

I would never have believed you (or anyone else for that matter) if you had told me that one day, I, a very average mom of 2, would travel to the exotic island of Borneo!

Never in all my travel dreams (and there are many!) did I imagine myself sailing down a river through a jungle, or sleeping on a traditional Indonesian boat while lying next to 6 strangers and listening to the sounds of nature at night, or trekking through the dense jungle alive with poisonous creatures, or staring into the eyes of a huge orangutan

Nope, these are the things of National Geographic, or David Attenborough documentaries, or at the very least those exotic Instagram accounts that I follow with envy… These are not the experiences of my suburban life!

Except when they actually are!!

I recently had all of these experiences, and so many more, on my amazing #TripofWonders to Indonesia.

It’s impossible to capture the entire experience in one post so I’m going to have to cover each highlight and destination in a separate post. Expect 8 over the coming weeks!

I advise you to look away now if you can’t handle an overload of photos of my incredible trip, but I hope you won’t leave. I hope you will stay and be infinitely inspired by incredible Indonesia.

After a day spent unofficially exploring Jakarta and an official welcome dinner, it was time to head off on our itinerary to discover the first of our 4 destinations scattered across the Indonesia archipelago.

The first flight of 10 internal flights landed at Iskandar Airport in Pangkalan Bun and we headed off on a bus to the river port. We were greeted by an amazing group of traditional dancers who performed a welcome ceremony for us…

After the beautiful ceremony and a meet and greet / selfie session with the dancers, we head off to what is to become our home for the next 48 hours… A traditional Klotok boat.

If I’m honest I was very nervous about what to expect. I had read on the itinerary we would be spending the night aboard and having only just met my fellow travellers the night before I didn’t know how I would feel about spending the night sleeping next to them in such close confines!!

I shouldn’t have worried. By the end of the first day we had spent so much time together chatting about every topic under the sun that they all felt like fast friends! Not to mention the bonding that happens when you’re experiencing the most extreme humidity (and subsequent sweating) you’ve ever encountered!