Monday, September 19, 2016

Marie France Asia: Out and About - 7 Scenic spots in Sabah you must visit

With so many untouched spots of nature in Sabah, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it, and experience natural scenery at its finest.

Mount Kinabalu

It’s said to be heaven for mankind and as for the views from Mount Kinabalu? They are exquisite. It is one of the highest mountains of South East Asia, but the hiking trails enable even unexperienced climbers to climb its magnificent heights. That is if you’re prepared for it.

As you find yourself amongst nature and clouds, you’ll forget all about the struggles of the climb because of the unimaginably striking views that grab your attention. It is one of those places where even your camera won’t depict the beauty and splendid atmosphere when you’re climbing the mountain.

Sipadan National Park

For the most scenic spot in Sabah, you’re going to have to dive a little deeper – literally. Sipadan National Park is known as one of the best diving spots, because when you dive in, you’re going to witness nature unlike you’ve ever seen it before.

Being the only oceanic island in Malaysia, it’s home to many different species populating the waters of the ocean. It’s like the flower bouquet to an already-classy decorated room. It stands out and makes everything look much more beautiful. It’s not easy to get to Sipadan island, but if you do, you’ll be telling the tale your entire lifetime.

Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu Park is officially Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site. Hiking through this gem will enable you to experience nature in its true form. You’ll get to witness wildlife, and more than 90 species of mammals, as well as more than 5000 species of plants.

The view of Mount Kinabalu is so gorgeous, even if you’re not ready to go for the climb, you’ll get a chance to sink in the beauty of this majestic mountain. There are many trails to choose from in order to explore the great outdoors and keep your camera busy all day.

Tawau Hills Park

Enter the Tawau Hills Park forest and it’s like you’ve entered a different dimension. It’s unlike any forest you’ve come across on your journey so far. It’s the host to the highest tropical tree in the world, and the entire grandiose forest will make you feel more than tiny.

It’s really the kind of scenery where you can feel the power of nature. Don’t be surprised if an animal passes your way. The Tawau Hills Park is the home to many iguanas, chameleons and red leaf monkeys. A true treasure of nature, indeed.