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8excite: Great Places To Eat In Sandakan, Sabah

While most travelers head to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo Malaysia, only a few venture to other parts of the 'Land Below the Wind' and here to share with you, is a list of great places to eat in Sandakan.

Yes, when you travel, you need to eat, so let me just share with you some of the recommendations of this coastal city in the east coast of Sabah.

Sandakan is well known as a nature city due to the many Ecotourism destinations, namely Sepilok, Labuk Bay, Bornean Sun Bear Sanctuary, Gomantong Caves and the famous Kinbatangan River.
But with any kind of tourism, people must eat, and most visitors to Sandakan would mostly be staying in the city, so here are the best places to eat in Sandakan.

Ikan Bakar at Pasar Sim Sim (Halal)

This old market located about half a mile out of Sandakan City serves probably the best ikan bakar in the east coast of Sabah for many years now. There are two stalls that sell the grilled fish and the notable or recommended one is called Mama Resipi Ikan Bakar who has been serving locals and now tourist some of the freshest seafood around. Her stock is delivered daily and the stall is open for lunch and dinner. Mama Resipi now has three outlets, the other two at Mile 3 and IJM Mile 6. To get here, you just need to ask anyone in Sandakan and they will point you in the right direction. You can also take a taxi here, but make sure the taxi waits for you. Besides the awesome grilled fish and seafood, do try their amazing home made sambal chili.

Address: Pasar Sim Sim, off Jalan Sim Sim, Kampung Buli Sim Sim, 1/2 Mile, Sandakan.

Sandakan Famous Spring Noodles at Restoran 88 Sim Sim (No Pork)

If you have tried spring noodles before, then you must try the famous Sandakan Spring Noodles which is located at Kampung Buli Sim Sim and at Jambatan or Bridge No.8. These noodles are totally one-of-a-kind as they are handmade with their own little secret recipe which makes the noodles really springy and tasty. They serve a mean seafood spring noodle dish, in either soup or dry which is probably one of the best noodles I've tried. Usually, locals come here for breakfast and lunch and we recommend you do the same. They operate as a seafood restaurant as well and the food here is pretty good. As you head down the bridge, their restaurant is on the right side.

Address:  Right Side, Jambatan No. 8, Kampung Buli Sim Sim, Jalan Sim Sim, Sandakan.

Seafood Bak Kut Teh in Sandakan (Non-Halal)

Most people would have heard of the famous seafood bak kut teh around Malaysia, but the mother of all is found here in Sandakan. The restaurant is called Nam Chai Restoran and is located along the main Jalan Leila Road out of Sandakan City. The beauty about this is that from my experience of trying a number of others, Nam Chai tops them all. Order the bowl of fresh sea prawns and the special 'Lai Mung' fish. They also have the normal pork bone and meats as well. Best time to go is just before lunch.

Address:  Ground Floor, Blok D, Jalan Leila, Bandar Nam Tung, Sandakan.

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