Monday, January 02, 2017

Kota Kinabalu gallops to Wild West with opening of "cowboy town" Sabandar

KOTA KINABALU: A little cowboy town is Sabah's latest attraction for lovers of the Wild West who want to experience horse riding within a paddock, or experience the beach on horse-drawn carts.

Sabandar Leisure Rides or Riding Centre, which is about an hour’s drive from here, opened its doors on the New Year.

Among its many features are a western American landscape; authentic, 19th century American lodge; stables; restaurants; paddocks; riding trails; walking trails; and lots of horses.

One of its managers, Awang Shamsi Jamih, said the facility was the brainchild of Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (Shareda) president Datuk Francis Goh and Awang himself, who saw that the area had the potential to be developed into a unique tourism hub.

"The idea came (to us) when we were in Bali, Indonesia, which (has a) similar landscape to Sabandar in Tuaran.

"Goh and I have our own horses, which are kept at the centre, thus the 'cowboy' town concept (was) used to set up the place," he said, adding that the design of the restaurant, lodge, stable and surrounding area was overseen by Goh.