Wednesday, January 25, 2017

GrrrlTraveler: Borneo Wetlands Tour of Kuching Wetlands National Park | Sarawak, Malaysia

Kuching Wetlands National Park was a 30 minute drive outside of Kuching city center.

At 6,610 hectares of wetlands it was a habitat for locals and wildlife native to Sarawak.

It was late afternoon when we started at the Telaga Ai Jetty.

A quick stop for a refreshing coconut ice cream shake at a nearby cafe and we set off, cruising down the river.

Village houses dotted the inlet of one of the shores.

The waters were known to hold saltwater crocs, yet locals swim in the waters.

Mangrove Trekking in  Kuching Wetlands National Park

Our boat dropped us off at the shores of a beach of Kuching Wetlands National Park.

My guide and Sarawak cooking teacher, Joseph, brought out rubber boots for me.

It made trudging through the high weeds and brush easier, as shrubs were tall and mosquitoes lightly buzzed around.

Earlier on, Joseph prepared me by telling me I should wear long pants (my Northface convertible pants were seriously getting a lot of good usage on this journey) and a long-sleeved shirt. 
You might see anything from proboscis monkeys, silver leaf monkeys, birds and squirrels.

That day many animals were hidden; Joseph showed me other things in the forest.

He pointed out plants that he and villagers might use for survival or practical needs.

He showed me traces of resident animals, who made the wetlands their refuge and hunting ground.