Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sarawak Tourism Ministry introduces new initiatives to improve tourism industry

KUCHING: The Sarawak Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry will introduce new initiatives slated for local tour guides, as part of the efforts to improve the quality and professionalism in the tourism sector of Sarawak.

Assistant Minister for Tourism Datuk Lee Kim Shin said the ministry was looking into new strategies and approaches in keeping up with the present trend of the tourism industry.

As such, a meeting would be held with members of the Sarawak Tourist Guide Association to discuss ways to improve and upgrade the quality of tour guides to allow them serve the needs of the tourists better.

“We cannot follow what had been done in the past; we have to follow the trend whereby expectations of tourists nowadays are very different. As various countries have different expectations, we have to really keep up with the tourism trends of today.

“We will continuously improve, upgrade and at the same time keep up with the present trends in world tourism,” Lee said recently.

He pointed out that tourist guides played a key role in this sector, such as to be conversant on the tourism packages offered, especially on nature (flora and fauna) as well as the local heritage and culture.

He said during the guiding process, tourist guides would be tasked with making the tours both interesting and informative in order for the tourists to bring back good memories about Sarawak.