Monday, January 02, 2017

All-media promotions to boost Miri tourism in Chinese market

MIRI: More measures will be carried out to promote local tourism this year, including the introduction of tourism products to foreign markets such as China.

Assistant Minister for Sarawak Tourism Datuk Lee Kim Shin said many tourists from China were interested to visit Malaysia, particularly this city due to its natural attractions such as the seaside and beaches.

“They (Chinese tourists) loves the beaches that we have in Miri – they are even producing a movie here, taking advantage of the ‘Blue Tears’ phenomenon at Tusan beach,” he told reporters at the ‘New Year Countdown’ in Permymall.

Lee, who is Senadin assemblyman, said that some Chinese tourists would go to Australia just to enjoy the beautiful Gold Coast of Queensland.

“We also have beautiful beaches as good as the Gold Coast in Australia, and with the right and regular promotions through both electronic and digital media, we can expect a large number of tourists from China flocking into Miri.”

Towards this end, he stressed that all tourism operators must work together with the government in scouting for new market in China, including through the introduction of local tourism products.

“At the same time, we will also carry out digital or electronic promotions via social media from China, to further boost the market of Malaysian tourism products there,” he said.

According to Lee, apart from the beautiful natural environment, the Chinese tourists are also drawn to the unique culture and tradition of the multiracial communities in Sarawak, including good food.

“We are targeting to receive at least five million tourists coming to Miri this year. With the existence of the new market from China, this is not impossible,” he said.