Friday, February 03, 2017

Experience culture and nature in Penampang

There are not many villages that are able to get their act together and develop an attraction for foreign and local tourists alike.

But the village of Kampung Notoruss in the Penampang district have come up with a super product /attraction by incorporating their unique culture together with conservation to turn their village into a must-visit attraction.

It is also known as the Tagal Tinopikon Park. The village is located by the banks of the Moyog River in Penampang.

This is just about 18km from the city of Kota Kinabalu. And it is only 12km from the township of Donggongon, which is the heartland of the KadazanDusun people of Sabah.

Tagal is a Kadazan/Dusun word that means prohibited. This is usually used as a means of conserving the fish in the rivers.

Usually a section of the river will be under Tagal for a year or two to allow the wild fish in the river to grow to a suitable size for eating and breeding.

There are many sections of various rivers in Sabah today under this system, which is also encouraged by the Government.

Besides a no fishing zone, the trees on the riverbank are not to be cut down and no littering is allowed.

People or villages, who do not respect a river that is under Tagal, will face being fined by the village heads if they are caught.

Due to the section of the river under Tagal, fronting the village in Notoruss, the area has been turned into a beautiful park.

The entrance to the village is only five minutes’ walk from the main road, across a suspension bridge to the opposite bank of the Moyog River, which is the main reception area.

The villagers here have come up with a programme that showcases their unique heritage in visits to their fruit orchards, a fish spa, jungle treks to waterfalls, their food and culture.