Monday, February 27, 2017

Lifeta Inspiracion: Introduction - Welcome to Sandakan city

Located in the North Borneo and the second largest city in Sabah after Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan the nature city is well known for it’s Orang Utan Rehabilitation centre and the only the only Bornean Sun bear rehab facility in the world.

From the wildlife to the historical places, Sandakan is one of the lonely planet in the world that still haven’t affected by the fast pace world.

The locals can mingle with each other no matter what are their religion, race and social status.

One of the famous thing about Sandakan people, they are so friendly and down to earth people.

Born and grew up in the place where I’m proud to call my hometown doesn’t meant that I know very well about my own city.

And that’s why I have taken the opportunity during my break from the corporate world to explore my hometown using two ways, the travellers and local way.

Surprisingly, I started learning more about my little hometown.

Sandakan locals

How to describe Sandakan people? What is their main characteristic? Are they friendly like Thai people?

The answer is, it will be always depending on the people that you will meet or had met.

Are they friendly? Yes they can be super friendly and some of the local will say hi to you and tell you, have a nice day.

They can be overreacting when they were star struck with the traveller and will ask you if they can take a photo with you.

The chances of them for doing that is 90% .If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be the infamous celebrity in Sandakan during your short stay.

Your will never know which one is the tycoon business as Sandakan people isn’t really into formality.

What are the chances for you to see the big boss wearing formal tuxedo and rushing into their meeting? The answer is ZERO.

Sandakan is the slow pace place and normally around 8pm-10pm, the most shops and restaurant have been closed.  Only local cafes, bistro and bar open until 1am.

While in the other part in the world, the rich will sit and have their coffee at the country club or the fine dining restaurant. Be prepared to be surprise. You will be surprise to see a group of business owner sit in the local coffee shops that don’t even have air-conditioning.

The millionaire will sit in the local coffee shop, wearing a typical local shirts, sitting down with their newspapers and instead of having $8dollar for a cup of coffee, they’ll drink $0.80 for a cup of coffee.

If you ever plan to make a business research in Sandakan, you better have a connection with someone that belongs to the Sandakan business society.

It can be tricky to detect rich people in Sandakan because they are practising the humility attitude.

When you speak with Sandakan people, always use the friendly tone. If you managed to capture their heart, you’ll find long-time bff or family.

The elderly in Sandakan can freak you out by suddenly welcoming you to the family and adopted you as their own children although you’re a stranger.