Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Rafflesia Tuan Mudae blooming at Gunung Gading National Park

LUNDU: To see a Rafflesia flower in bloom is a sight to behold. For nature enthusiasts, it is never the same for every bloom because as long as a Rafflesia flower lasts, which is usually about six days, its colour and petals are constantly changing.

At Gunung Gading National Park visitors have the opportunity to view the spectacular bloom of the Rafflesia Tuan Mudae, which is an endemic species of Sarawak.

This world’s largest flower started to bloom yesterday and is expected to continue blooming until Friday.

To experience this rare opportunity visitors have to walk for about 400 metres or 25 minutes from the National Park office before arriving at the Rafflesia patch.

Not to forego this chance Sarawak Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) reporter Noor Bakhtiar Ahmad was among the earliest visitors to view the flower blooming in its second day yesterday.

Noor Bakhtiar together with photographer Ahmad Rushdan Abdul Manan, Bernama News Channel (BNC) journalist Mohd Hazreen Mubarak and cameraman Muhamad Salim  both from Kuala Lumpur were led to the location by national park guide, Edmund Gering, 27.

“Last year I managed to see a Rafflesia flower bloom on three occasions and this time I am very fortunate to see it bloom on the second day because during this initial period its colour and petals are simply amazing,” said Noor Bakhtiar.