Sunday, June 04, 2017

Art To Travel: Borneo jungle adventure

Brunei was only the beginning. The real adventure began after a long trip to eastern Borneo: Sabah.

I left Bandar Seri Begawan early in the morning to get on a bus that would bring me to Kota Kinabalu.

The trip takes around 8 hours predominantly due to 8 immigration controls.

Brunei kind of has a weird shape so you leave Brunei, enter Malaysia to go back to Brunei and finally leave it – if that makes sense.

Eight stamps later we were on the road through beautiful beautiful borneo.

The whole area around Mt Kinabalu is national park so I didn’t get tired of watching the rain forest around me.

I originally planned to have a look at KK before I flew to Sandakan at night, but when we arrived it rained in torrents, so I had no choice but spending the time at KK airport.

From Sandakan it’s a 20 minutes drive to Sepilok, where I stayed at coolest eco hostel ever, you should check it out: Paganakan Dii Tropical Retreat.

I had the huge open dorm by myself and woke up with the sun in my face.

I rained pretty bad ever since I left Brunei so I was kind of worried about what was yet to come…

The next morning I went to the Sepilok Orang-Utan sanctuary.

They open two times a day for two to three hours, when they feed the monkeys.

It is not a zoo so there is no guarantee you actually see a lot of the cute animals with the bronze fur.

I really liked the facilities since it was basically natural rain forest with one circular path.

The majority of orang-utans I saw were around the building of their so-called nursery.

This is where the freshly arrived orang-utans live and get trained.

The concept of the sanctuary is of course to reintegrate sick or orphaned orang-utans back to nature.

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