Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Travel Bosing - Kirongulad Water Fall Tambunan, Sabah

Have you been to Mahua Waterfall in Tambunan? It is beautiful right?

Would you like to see more about Tambunan? Have you heard about Kirongulad Waterwall? No right!

It is a hidden gem located ar Kg Tikolod Tambunan.

Yes, Kg Tikolod is famous with Ginger and Traditional Music but recently we have discovered this beautiful waterfall, nearly 30 Metres.

Believe or not? Time for you to discover by your self.

It is not far from the town, around 20km?

I would like to recommend this beautiful waterfall for adventure seekers out there.

To go there, you need to drive 1.5 hours from Kota Kinabalu to Tambunan town.

And another 15 minutes to Kg Tikolod Tambunan (Jalan Keningau).

Well, the road is paved but going to the waterfall starting point, you need a 4 wheel drive.

But don’t worry, you can park your car at the kampung area and the villagers can send you using ‘Pikap’ car.

It is 4-wheel drive car (RM5 per person).

Please  drive slowly and keep an eye on the roaming dogs, buffaloes, chickens and duck, belongs to the villagers.

They don’t even bother about approaching cars.

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