Tuesday, June 20, 2017

BareFaceFettle: North Borneo Sunset Dinner Cruise in Sabah

North Borneo Cruises offer the first of its kind dining experience onboard a cruise ship that takes you on a scenic route along Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park islands and KK City Waterfront.

For those planning a trip there and not sure what to pack in your itinerary, believe us, this is a MUST-DO!

If you have been to Sabah and not heard of North Borneo Cruises, allow us to tease you with these:

* Sumptuous buffet spread (need we say more?)

We love the wide variety of international buffet spread available onboard.

Besides the yummy local delicacies, there is a great selection of salad and protein picks for the health conscious.

Thumbs up for the satisfyingly appetizing dinner!