Sunday, June 25, 2017

TravLifeStyle: Borneo a truly beautiful Island

Most people, who think of Borneo, think of lush rain forests and orang-utans. However, I discovered a completely different side of Borneo.

I chose to fly out to and stay in Kota Kinabalu. Kota Kinabalu is on the ocean side of the island, so, instead of lush rain forests, Aidan and I had paradise like Islands around us and so, we spend most of our time there in the water.

I am personally not a big fan of booking tours ahead of time, because you always end up paying more. What I like to do, is take the time and have a look around and that is exactly what we did.

At first, we came across a travel agent, who showed us all the tours he could book for us, among which were several island-hopping tours.

After seeing the options, I decided that a trip to the harbour would be the best, to find out about their offers.

Our two-star hotel was not just clean and very concerned with our well-being, they were also very centrally located and so we only had a 20-minute walk to the harbour. We entered a big hall, were many boat and business owners were vying for the attention of the tourists.

We ended up booking an island-hopping tour for in a couple of days, with pick up from the hotel and for Aidan snorkel gear hire (I had my own snorkel gear).

The next day, when we walked around and thought about what else we wanted to do, someone on the streets approached us and offered us a very cheap diving tour. We took his card, but I knew that we would never accept the offer.

When it comes to diving, I rather do it with an established and professional business because of the risks involved. We went back to the first travel agent and booked a diving tour with him, which was still incredibly cheap compared to Australian standards.

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