Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 2: Borneo Jazz Festival 2013, 10-11 May

What can I say? Yes, I was at the festival on both days enjoying International level of Jazz until I was up to my eyeballs in jazz magic! And I didn't want it to end! But all good things must come to an end... UNTIL NEXT YEAR! And I'll be here again covering the event for SARAWAK TOURISM BOARD under SARAWAK BLOGGERS (I hope)! Below are the four last performers of Borneo Jazz 2013 before we close for another year. And next year I'm very sure its going to be another impressive, entertaining, international quality of Jazz Music!


When you put four if Asia's top jazzmen on the same stage you can expect nothing less than an extraordinary power-packed performance! Its the coming together of Jeremy Monteiro (keyboardist) from Singapore, Eugene Pao (guitarist) from Hong Kong, Tots Tolentino (saxophonists) from the Philipines and Chanutr Techatana-nan (aka Hong) (drummer) from Thailand. Music that will stimulate you intellectually and warm your hearts at the same time. Playing an electric selection of old and new standards, well spiced with their own original composition.
(excerpts from the Borneo Jazz 2013 booklet)

Asian Jazz Allstars started tonights jazz presentation with a cool medley number! This quartet consist of four of asia's top jazzmen. Coming from different countries, a blend in innovation and intellectual stimulation with a touch of electricity in their performance. But still I think that doesn't even describe the experience of listening to The Asian Allstars Power Quartets performance! And this I got just from the first song! Now this is the closest to what I would call pure jazz! Asian Allstar Jazz Quartet! Improvise on the go! Yeah Baby!


Playing the kind of Blues one might have found in a speakeasy in New Orleans had the city been habitet by gypsies who performed with Otis Redding and the city had been built on the Black Sea. The band is driven by a pair of dueling harmonicas, backed by tuba, drums, guitars, and a horn section.A New York based band that has been touring internationally for the past six years at in over 30 countries worldwide.
(excerpts from the Borneo Jazz 2013 booklet)

Hazmat Modine from the US of A is the second performance of the night! The sounds of New Orlean Blues making itself heard all over the beach!And guess who's in the media pit taking pictures too! The soulful crooning of the saxaphone making the audience move and sway on their feet! And all through the music, Rain? Who cares about the rain! The music goes on from Hazmat Modine from US of A!


Germany is not exactly known as the home of soul and funk, but after you've heard Mo'Blow from Berlin you will think differently about the country where the '1' and the '3' are becoming more and more prominent. The quartet, which the 'Berliner Zeitung' described as one of the hottest club bands, has the groove in their blood.
(excerpts from the Borneo Jazz 2013 booklet)

Watching Mo'Blow from Germany, who just ended a number that highlighted their skills on their instruments! Who am I kidding? Mo'Blow just blew the audience away with their energetic performance! Sax, base, keyboard and drums! Stellar performance that worked the crowd! Why is it the sax player for Mo'Blow from Germany looks a lot like Josh Duhamel? :-p Anyways, the pounding of the drums! The thumps of the bass! The cool flows of the keyboard! The squeels of the sax! That's Mo'Blow! AND I'm still trying to figure out who the drummer looks like! Less skin art, but the same style... MO'BLOW!

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