Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shell Malaysia donates signage to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

KUCHING: Visitors to the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre (SWC) will now have the opportunity to gain extra knowledge from 24 outdoor information placards illustrating and detailing the unique flora and fauna that are found within the centre.

SWC, established in 1975 and located within the Semenggoh Nature Reserve, spans 653 hectares and is home to 26 Orang Utans.

“We are very grateful for the sponsorship of the signage from Shell Malaysia. I am sure this will enhance the visitors’ experience on the resources that we have in the centre,” said Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) manager Francis Gambek during the symbolic unveiling of the signage at SWC yesterday.

Recording, on average, 200 to 250 local and foreign visitors each day, Francis believed the signage would provide a sense of ownership to the visitors and encourage them to be part of the wildlife conservation effort.

The placards, according to Francis, can be found along the feeding trail and the James Brooke’s trail.

SWC park warden Chong Jiew Han said each Orang Utan consumes at least RM7 to RM8 of food each day.

“To feed all the 27 Orang Utans, the park requires at least RM80,000 a year. Failing to provide enough food for these primates would see them leaving the area and an inevitable drop to their population,” added Chong.

Chong also hoped more individuals or corporations would come forward and participate in the Orang Utan adoption programme.

“For the individual package, a sponsorship of RM200 will be collected each year while the corporate package ranges from RM10,000 to RM100,000,” added Chong.

He also explains SWC’s current objective of conserving semi-wild Orang Utans, eco-tourism, education and research.