Monday, June 10, 2013

Borneo Backpackers - Reminiscence Uni Life in Backpacking

Highly recommended by TripAdvisor UK to list it as a pit stop for the backpackers, Borneo Backpackers is no stranger for backpackers  all over the world.

I love the exterior look of the backpacker lodge.

An ultimate convincing accommodation for the lone backpackers like me.

Thus far, I have travelled to Taiwan alone but stayed at a close friend’s place.

This is like a 1st home alone-liked experience to stay with strangers.

All was good and my roommates are friendly enough.

One thing that amazes me was the simple breakfast that was served.

2 slices of toasted bread and a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast.

They serve Sabah tea and the famous amos local Tenom coffee. I definitely would say that the coffee is such an addiction.

This is where my habit of having breakfast fonded.

The uniqueness of Borneo Backpackers is the location. It is situated on top of Borneo Cafe along Australia Street.

It is an antique-liked cafe and whenever I came down from the backpackers lodge, I smell coffee fragrance.