Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No smoking in Mulu by 2017

MIRI: Mulu has been designated ‘Smoke-Free Mulu Heritage’ (MuHBAR) by the Miri Divisional Health Department here to transform it into a smoke-free zone by 2017.

A `smoke-free zone’ is a gazetted area where smoking is prohibited.

Mulu was chosen as it is a Unesco World Heritage site famous for its cave and limestone formations.

If the mission is successful, Mulu will be the third world heritage site in the country to be a smoke-free zone after Malacca and Georgetown in Penang.

To make it become a reality, the department concerned appeals for collaborative efforts from the government, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and private sector, as well as Sarawak State Government, Sarawak Health Department, Sarawak Forestry Department and Malaysia Health Promotion Board (MySihat).

“We are determined with our initiative to transform Mulu into a smoke-free zone by 2017.

“And given strong support and cooperation from everybody, we are confident of success,” a spokeswoman said when contacted by The Borneo Post recently.

Asked the rationale of having the smoke-free zones, she said it was to protect non-smokers from the effects of second-hand smoke.

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