Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gaya Island Resort – one of the best places in Sabah for a vacation

Come to Gaya Island Resort if you are in the need for total relaxation and time away from the urban life.

A 3 days 2 nights getaway is possible to restore some zen, but 5 days 4 nights would sooth frayed nerves while 6 days 5 nights might just renew one from within.

Why do I say that?

Well, take a tour of the resort with me, see what you can do (or NOT do) here and decide if Gaya Island Resort is your pot of gold.

Gaya Island Resort’s beauty is unsurpassed. A short stretch of beach (the stretch that is accessible by guests of the resort) on the resort itself is clean with fine sand and gentle waters.

I have shared the first part of my stay here (LINK) which chronicled a bit about my villa and its surroundings.

Gaya Island Resort offers 120 villas and two-bedroom suite, all build from the use of local materials which allowed the lodgings to blend harmoniously with its natural environment.

The villa interiors are designed with a contemporary elegance, exuding both luxury and comfort.

In this post, I will talk more about the activities in Gaya Island Resort.

My favourite part of the resort includes the yoga studio (have you ever seen one like this??), the pool area with its perfect all-day lounging beds, nicely shaded from the direct sun by the pool bar and the short stretch of beach where I ran every morning.

Reception area: The gracious welcome after you’ve alighted from the transfer speedboat lifted any travel weariness off.

You are welcome to linger, but should you want to retire to your villa immediately, a kind escort will lead the way and provide a quick run-through to get you acquainted with the workings of your accommodation.

Lodgings are in individual villas perched on a hill with a respectable distance from each other.

The standard is 2 villas on a particular spot upon the hill, but the clever angling of the built of each ensures sufficient privacy (both sounds and view) for its occupants.