Saturday, February 10, 2018

Backpacks and Sunhats: Kuching Sarawak Borneo

Borneo is an amazing destination for families to visit. The opportunities to see wildlife are everywhere. It is easy to get around once you are there and mostly inexpensive.

English is widely spoken. We were there at the end of the wet season, low season for tourists and we found it very quiet, not crowded at all, I understand it is quite different in the high season.

We were so excited to arrive in Borneo. Our first destination was the city of Kuching in Sarawak state. We stayed for 3 nights as a base to explore the area.

Things to see and do in Kuching are: the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre; a sanctuary for Orangutans. Bako National Park and the cultural village.

We also enjoyed a one hour trip along the Sarawak river from Kuching harbour front to see local villages and fishing boats.

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

At the Semenggoh wildlife centre the Orangutans are free to live wild in the forest but fruit is put out for them twice a day at a feeding platform.

Visitors can view the platform at feeding times in the hope of seeing one or more of these beautiful ‘men of the forest’ coming to feed.

We were in Borneo at the end of January in fruiting season, during this time there is plenty of food in the forest so not as many Orangutans come to feed.

We were up early and organised a driver to arrive for the 9am feeding, expectations of the guide were low, and I was getting worried.

But as we arrived at the platform one Orangutan came to feed and stayed for almost an hour swinging in the trees.

It was a magical experience and a great start to our stay in Borneo.

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