Monday, February 26, 2018

Ven Going Places: How I Experienced Mt. Kinabalu

I reached Mt. Kinabalu’s Lowe’s Peak at around quarter to 7am, meeting several of my (fast) team mates who were already going down.

I looked at my watch thinking I need to make the cut-off time at Sayat-sayat for the Ferrata, so I have an hour to get down to km7 or known as checkpoint, can I make it considering the steep descent, rope segments and my knees?

Thankfully, I did not suffer any headache and I was able to cope with the altitude. I asked a fellow hiker who was already going down to take photos of me with the signage which he gladly obliged.

He even asked me if the shots he took were okay, I smiled said yes, thank you and he left me to catch up with his buddy.

I was left alone at the peak.

How I wish I could stay longer, the beauty was so eerily captivating. I can feel the euphoria taking over my being.

But 10minutes was gone too soon and I started my descent, meeting several of my friends midway, I congratulated them and said “I need to get down”, I was in a rush that I forgot to take a photo of them, a photo of us.

To celebrate with them the joy of reaching the top. I think I would always regret that, a lesson learned.

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