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Kinabalu Pine Resort - Kundasang's peaceful getaway

The Swiss-style cabin of Kinabalu Pine Resort

Children's playground

Dining in an open-air deck at The Pines

Roads leading to the blocks of chalet or cabins

Reception area where friendly staff are ready to serve customers

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Kundasang, Sabah is a small countryside town situated in the foothill of Mount Kinabalu and is a must visit for those who opt for a peaceful and laid-back holiday from the city or their hectic schedules.

Accommodation at Kundasang is not a problem. The area offers a number of hotels that is reasonably priced, providing comfort and various services.

During my first visit to this cool and beautiful countryside, I drove around making a few stops at several hotels to choose an accommodation for my night stay, and Kinabalu Pine Resort was my choice.

This multi-award winning resort was awarded 2005/06 Malaysian Tourism Awards in Hotel Services (two star) and is privately run. It caters to budget conscious travellers, providing wide-open porches facing Mount Kinabalu.

Here, pine trees are seen everywhere and the scenery is similar to the resorts in the Alpine countries. On top of that, a specially-dedicated gazebo has also been setup for viewing of the mountain.

Mainly consisting of Swiss-style white-painted-timber buildings and cabins, perched on top of a hill, its surroundings are not only well-landscaped with pine trees, but also local plants, in particularly its signature fern trees that is synonymous to this highland area.

As I take a stroll along a path around the resort, accompanied by the cool breeze and the wonderous sounds of nature made by melodious birds chirping, I can't help being enchanted by the surrounding view everywhere I go. My eyes would eventually set on the amazing view of Mount Kinabalu.

However, this will not be possible after 10am as according to resort staff, the view usually disappear under the thick clouds during those hours.

The Pines, the resort's restaurant, caters both local and western cuisine. In the evenings steamboats are served and guests can opt for dining in the restaurant or choose a table on the open-air deck surrounded by pine trees.

As for me, I opted to dine in the open air, enjoying my steamboat and relaxing to the windy cool breeze and the sounds of nature.

Right after dinner, I decided to pop in the Karaoke Lounge, joining other guests and making new friends.

As I called it a night, I thought of my journey down to Kundasang and the one-hour drive through winding roads, cool whiffs of untainted mountain and being welcomed by the friendly staff, I said to myself it's worth a travel.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin Sunday

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