Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting close to nature at Hot Springs Poring Park

The open bath tub at Hot Springs Poring Park

Ladies enjoying the Poring Hot Springs Pool

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By Sahama

Ranau is a state that can attract more visitors from within and outside the country every day with its beauty of nature in addition to visiting several locations in the resort such as 'Kinabalu Park', 'Warian Dunia Park' and 'Hot Springs Poring Park and Pool'.

The Poring Hot Springs Pool area is surrounded by a collection of bamboo trees, fruit trees and rattan. Even the name Poring itself comes from the local Kadazan Dusun language, which means bamboo trees.

Poring Hot Springs Park formed naturally from inactive volcanic activity that gives out steam heat when water rose to the surface of the earth. Hot water contains carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other minerals that may be able to treat most skin diseases, relieve pain in joints and tiredness for those who climb Mount Kinabalu.

The visitors who came in the state are charged an entrance fee of RM5 for locals and foreigners are charged RM15 per head.

Before they reach their destination, tourists also have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of the flowing river along the suspension bridge, which is 157.8m long and 41m high above the trees.

The swimming pool has more than 30 reservoirs of hot water bath-style Jacuzzis. Uniquely, each swimming pool also provides hot and cold water pipes to enable visitors to obtain the appropriate bath temperature.

Visitors who wish to rent an indoor swimming Poring Hot Springs [in special room] will be charged RM15 per hour.

For those who prefer to explore the beauty of flora and fauna in the forest, there is also an opportunity to experience wildlife such as monkeys, birds, etc.

For fans of insects, you certainly do not want to miss the opportunity to see the famous ' Rajah Brooke Butterfly' up close, as well as the biggest and most beautiful species called 'Papilionidae'. It is estimated that there are 44 species of butterflies in the island of Borneo and half of them can be found at Poring.

Before leaving the Poring Hot Water Garden, visitors have the opportunity to shop at souvenir stalls in the area.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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