Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lahad Datu nicknamed 'Palm City'

LAHAD DATU: Lahad Datu has been given the nickname of ‘Palm City’ as it is the largest oil palm producer in Sabah.

The town’s rebranding was launched by the Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister, Datuk Datu Nasrun Datu Mansur who is also the Lahad Datu assemblyman.

“The rebranding of Lahad Datu is relevant as the city is fast developing from revenue earned through the oil palm industry in the area.

“If possible we will gazette it (the nickname). We will study the relevant regulation before further action is taken,” he told reporters after the rebranding ceremony.

In line with its nickname, he asked the local authority to plant more trees from the palm species apart from oil palm trees around Lahad Datu to beautify the city and to attract more tourists.

Lahad Datu was derived from Bajau words meaning the state of Datu. It was believed that the phrase emerged after the migration of the Datu Royalty from Sulu Islands in the south of the Philippines to the Sabahan Gulf (now known as Darvel Gulf) at the end of the 18th century.

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