Friday, December 11, 2009

History of Kuching City

KUCHING: Do you know that Kuching City may not be named after a cat after all? And do you know that Kuching is the fourth capital of Sarawak? Do you know where the first three capitals of Sarawak were?

To know more about Kuching City, you should get hold of a history book written by Dr Chang Pat Foh, a renowned history researcher and writer.

The book, now available at major bookstores in the city, is the eighth to be written by Chang. Like in his previous books, he has surprisingly revealed many historical details based on documented records or first-hand information as told by elders who have sound knowledge on the matter.

This is supposed to be the first book ever written and compiled on Kuching City. It is brief and precise,yet comprehensive enough to cover the major events and development of Kuching City from the 11th Century A.D to the present day.

The book begins with a brief early history of Sarawak from the time of barter trading around Santubong in the 11th Century, with the Buddhist influence of Srivijaya centred at Sumatra and the Hindu Javanese Majapahit influence in the Sarawak River delta.

The informative book has 20 chapters. The first chapter relates the history of old Sarawak while the second, third and fourth chapters tell the history of Kuching under the rule of the three White Rajahs.

The fifth chapter is about Kuching under the Japanese Occupation and Australian Military Administration while the sixth chapter is about Kuching under the British Rule.

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