Wednesday, January 05, 2011

"Last Train of Borneo" disappointment

The train ride from Beaufort to Pangi (near Tenom) - a distance of 129km - is the last leg of the train journey which originates daily from Kota Kinabalu.

Brochures describe the Beaufort-Pangi ride as the "Last Train of Borneo".

The slogan holds out promise of wholesome old-fashioned adventure offering breathtaking views of the Padas river rapids as water gushes through the Padas gorge.

The views definitely give hints of the thrills and spills in store for the white water rafter from Pangi back to the Rayoh station, a distance of 8km.

Rayoh is between Pangi and Beaufort.

Twenty members of the Persatuan Pengembara Labuan (Labuan Backpackers' Association planned to experience the rafting adventure on Christmas Day. But when they arrived in Beaufort from Labuan on Dec 24, they suffered their first disappointment.

The train would not have a morning service because the engine was "rosak" (broken down).

Pangi is the starting point for Padas river rafting.

The backpackers, however, managed to board the afternoon journey at 1.30pm.

The journey truncated at the Halogilat station which was a half-way point to Pangi.

Here a second disappointment was in store as the train would not proceed to Pangi because the tracks were being repaired.

Requests that the train take the backpackers a further 8km to Rayoh station which would be nearer to Pangi was also not entertained.

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