Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sarawak launches new packages to woo more Singapore tourists

SARAWAK tourism promotion agencies and tour-related companies are set to capitalise on the resurgence of tourism to draw more Singaporeans to the state.

The initiative has gained momentum following the launch of a range of all-inclusive tours known as “Sarawak Integrated Packages (SIP)” by the state’s top tourism representatives including Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan in Singapore last October.

The SIP campaign, which aims to double tourist arrivals, will attract Singaporeans and foreigners by way of improved air connectivity with direct flights to Kuching operated by Malaysia Airlines, SilkAir, AirAsia and Tiger Airways.

Malaysia Airlines also introduced direct Singapore-Miri flights in October last year.

Singapore with its large expatriate community has become an attractive and potential market for Sarawak’s tourism industry.

Apart from Singapore, other potential markets for the SIP are Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, in particular Shenzhen, and Sarawak has already invested RM1mil on promotions.

Chan, who is also Tourism and Heritage Minister, said: “The SIP packages will be very appealing due to their flexibility in meeting the demands of different tourists and we will review them continually to ensure they stay that way.

“It is very surprising that not many Singaporeans have gone to Sarawak given the wealth of options it offers for a fulfilling vacation and its proximity to Singapore. Perhaps this is due to the lack of advertising and promotion by travel agents there.

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