Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The lure of the empurau fish up the Rajang river

A CRUISE up the Rajang River with the empurau, reputed to be one of the most expensive fishes in the world, as the centrepiece could be the next big tourism draw for Sibu.

Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit believed that tourists would be fascinated by the habitat of the empurau which is found in the Rajang River. The empurau can cost about RM580 per kg.

“The empurau has migrated upriver and efforts should be made to capitalise on them for tourism,” Dawos told reporters after closing the Fabulous 1Malaysia Street and Restaurant Food Fair at the Sibu Town Square on Sunday night.

He pointed out that though the population of the empurau could have plummeted in the lower reaches of the Rajang River due to polution, they were still thriving in Balleh and near the Bakun Dam due to the water quality.

Dawos therefore hoped that more river cruises could be organised on the Rajang River besides the one operated by Pandaw Cruise which started last July.

“Tourists are fascinated with riverine activities such as people fishing and also the many longhouses they can see. Thus, local tourism industry players must be imaginative and creative in using local products to lure tourists,” he said.

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