Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Pulau Sebatik in Sabah another tourism attraction

TAWAU: Pulau Sebatik, an island known for being bisected by the Indonesia-Malaysia border, is being considered for development as one of Tawau’s main tourism destinations.

Sebatik Member of Parliament, Abdul Muis Picho said the island has many tourism potentials and is already a popular destination for anglers due to its rich marine life.

Its multi-cultural community is also an attraction for visitors who want a taste of the unique Sabahan lifestyle.

“The island is also a habitat for proboscis monkeys,” he pointed out saying that he will be working together with the local authorities as well as other agencies to develop the island’s tourism potentials.

Homestay programmes will be developed as a way to increase the residents’ income, he said after attending the New Year 2011 Celebration with 1,000 Kg Bergosong residents at Pulau Sebatik.

“We will ensure that the island’s community will be able to improve their economy through business, agriculture and fishery.

“In fact, a private palm oil factory is due to start operations on the island, which will give a positive impact by providing job opportunities,” he added.

Muis also hoped that the Pulau Sebatik community will continue to give their full support to the government in order to carry out more plans this year.

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