Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baleh-Kapit Raft Safari postponed

KAPIT: The 16th Baleh-Kapit Raft Safari has been postponed from April to July 23-24 in anticipation of the upcoming state election.

Kapit Resident Dahim Nadot yesterday said the organising committee has drawn up several activities to attract a larger crowd including exhibition and promotion stalls, pua kumbu and handicraft competitions, health screening as well as powerboat race.

“As the race entered its 16th year of existence, it is high time that we think of how to upgrade and elevate the event from a local based to state or regional-level competition.

“Thus to ensure the success of the event, all government agencies and non-governmental organisations need to send a team to encourage more participation,” said Dahim.

He announced that Rh Ajai at Sg Majau, a tributary of Sg Mujong, Baleh will be the first transit and flag off point for this year’s race, while the second transit point will be Rh Anding, Sg Sepuna.

The journey to Rh Ajai from Kapit takes about seven hours, while the travel time from Rh Ajai to Rh Anding is about three hours.

Dahim added that this year’s route will be very challenging as it goes through various rapids, sharp and narrow bends as well as protruding rocks.

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