Friday, March 18, 2011

Sabah Seaside Resort - Tempurung Lodge, Kuala Penyu

An interesting article (with lots of photos and even videos) written by David jr of MalaysiaAsia blog:

Seaside Resort in Sabah, called the Tempurung Lodge is one of the best kept secret or true hidden gem of Sabah Borneo. This amazing unique place is located just two and a half hours from the capitol, Kota Kinabalu and is situated deep inside the village of Kuala Penyu with no other resorts around. The rustic Tempurung Lodge is also perched up on a hillside with magnificent views of the South China Sea.

Tempurung Lodge is run by Yanti and Frankie for the last ten years and has been one of the best isolated and romantic places for many couples and families seeking a true beach side holiday minus the crowds. If you love seclusion with breath taking sunset views and an amazing empty beach, this is definitely the palace you should be at. For the record, Tempurung is Malay for a piece of a coconut.

Getting to Tempurug Lodge was pretty simple as Arleen offered to drive me there from Kota Kinabalu and on arrival here, I did not expect such a beautiful place hidden away in the middle of nowhere and absolutely private. After parking the car by the beach, the first thing that welcomed me was the authentic wooden staircase that lead up to the lodge and reception area.

I honestly swear that the natural surroundings here were stunning with blue skies and sea breeze blowing from every possible direction. The colours of the greens against the blues were out of this world as I walked up the wooden stairs to the reception of Tempurung Lodge.

At the reception, we were given a glass of chilled orange juice and a nice cold towel by the local Sabah girls who work there. There was only one other couple staying there on my visit so the entire place was just dominated by sounds of the waves breaking on the shore and the ambient nature sounds.

I was then ushered to my room where I had to continue back on the wooden walkway to the highest point where the main rooms were. A large wooden balcony sits up top before entering the hall and rooms. This balcony has some serious views and can easily hold 20-30 people. Imagine having your seaside wedding or private party here!

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