Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sarawak tourism players find ‘gems’ in central region

SIBU: Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) is excited as they have discovered several areas in the central region that are unexplored but have high tourism potential.

STB local office executive Rudy Anoi has described Pakan, Julau and Kanowit as tourism’s ‘missing link’.

During a recent exploration to enhance product knowledge and catalogue tourism products in the vast central region, STB personnel and some players from the tourism sector were amazed by the breathtaking beauty of these places.

“We have entered an unexplored tourism destination, which is located about an hour’s drive from Sibu. We have chosen this area because thus far there are no agents who really develop and sell such tour packages.

“With all the information that we have gathered from this trip, we hope to share it with the tourism stakeholders and then start the ball rolling to promote tourism in the central region,” enthused Rudy.

He disclosed that tourism products in Sibu were mostly classified under the “sightseeing category”, which included the central market, heritage garden and indoor museum.

“To get visitors extend their stay in Sibu, or Central Region for that matter, they should be given a wider range of options. Visitors would most certainly look out for something new. I am confident that if the option is attractive, they are likely to extend their stay here.”

He reckoned that with the extension of product knowledge about Pakan, Julau and Kanowit, travel agents could tap the potential of this area.

He said agents could perhaps organise trips to Lumbong Rentap (Rentap Thomb – Iban Warrior) in Bukit Sibau, visit the traditional Iban musical instruments cottage industry and handicraft maker.

“It offers a different experience to the tourists.”

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