Thursday, September 22, 2011

26 teams to compete in Baleh-Kapit Raft Safari

KAPIT: A total of 26 teams will compete in the 16th annual Baleh-Kapit Raft Safari.

Organising chairman Kapit Resident Dahim Nadot said although fewer teams were competing this year, numbers would not be the only factor determining the event’s success.

“There are only 26 teams confirmed participating after the closing date, but in terms of the number of ministers visiting, VIPs and reporters attending the safari, it is a record high,” he said after the final organising committee meeting on Tuesday.

The Baleh-Kapit Raft Safari will be held tomorrow and Saturday (Sept 23-24).

The first flag off point is at Rumah Ajai, Nanga Senuang at Sungai Majau while the 24-door Rumah Anding at Nanga Sepuna, Mujong will be the transit point.

The distance from Rumah Ajai to Rumah Anding is about 40km while the journey from Rumah Anding to the finishing point at Kapit Wharf is about 20km.

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