Friday, September 09, 2011

Sabahans celebrate Tadau Kaamatan in the UK

Malaysia’s Sabahan residents in the United Kingdom and Europe held a fantastically successful Tadau Kaamatan celebration during the long holiday weekend from 26 to 28 August 2011.

While London was holding the world famous Notting Hill Carnival, the Kadazan-Dusun festival was held at an idyllic country setting in the middle of the Dartmoor National Park, Devon. Just as well – because the party went on well past midnight on Friday and Saturday to the sound of sweet music and endless renditions of Sabah songs, gongs, karaoke and sumazau “pangkis”, with only the birds being subjected to the cacophony of sounds.

More than 40 people attended from as far as Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and from all parts of the UK.

This is the first time that a well-organised celebration of Tadau Kaamatan has been held in England, after a lapse of more than twenty years.

And all this has been the culmination of the great initiative of a group of a close friends living in the UK, led by Alfred “Mon” Edward, from Penampang!

He received superb support and outstanding efforts from Nelda Marcus Hendon, Leo Rita Henry Stubbs, Victoria Taib Stickler, Nora Tanggau Gower, Eva James, Jenny Peter Yaacob (and her husband Subiraj Doraisingam from KL), Leona Poulton, and Vella Bernard etc., dutifully and ably assisted by their respective English husbands/partners, especially Mark Stickler and Mike Hendon.

The event began on Friday when car loads of beddings, cooking utensils and foodstuffs were brought to the Princetown Dartmoor Training Centre by the organisers. The enterprising Kadazan-Dusun womenfolk had their usual gotong royong spirit in preparing food for all the guests throughout the two nights and three days of festivity.

The celebration really kicked off when alcoholic beverages and great food was served, followed by sumazau and western-style dancing to the sound of throbbing Western and Kadazan music.

On Saturday, even the slightly cool weather of the moors did not dampen the enthusiasm of the organisers and their guests. They carried on with sporting events such as tug-of-war, arm wrestling and egg and spoon races etc. for which prizes were presented later in the evening.

In the evening, a traditional feast of all kinds of Kadazan-Dusun food such as Bambangan, Tuhau, Pinasakan, Hinava & Sup lihing etc was served much to the delight of the guests. Many of them have not tasted such delightful dishes for many years. The lavish dinner was followed by a short speech by the guest of honour, Johan Padasian, who happened to have been the oldest Kadazan present.

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