Monday, May 04, 2015

A wonderful world beneath the waves off Miri coastline

WHEN one talks about scuba diving in Malaysia, one immediately thinks of Sipidan, Sabah.

A watery surreal scene will appear in front of one’s eyes. Fish swimming in shoals in deep blue water, with a shark probably swimming in a safe distance. And below, there are apparitions of sapphires, diamonds, rubies, and other jewels which are, in fact, live soft corals or normal corals, some of which are just a few years old while others may be hundreds of years old.

But truth be told, a new destination for scuba diving is the coral seas less than 50km from Miri. And, indeed, one can see all these imagined scenes just a few kilometers outside Miri.

Joe Klukas from the UK, a diving instructor now residing in Miri, said: “The coral reefs, in amazing shallow waters, just a few kilometers outside Miri, are pristine, unpolluted and surrounded by clear, almost transparent sea. This area is unexplored, unexploited and still untouched. It’s a dream come true for me when I came here a few months ago. I am glad I am now in Miri, enjoying diving.”

Joe hails from Dorset, England, where as a child, he was already exposed to beautiful seas and the natural environment of the wooded UK.

He has always been enthusiastic about nature and going for excursions and snorkeling.

The diving spots in Miri are excellent because they are near a city and people do not have to travel far to enjoy the sea, the sunset, good food and good social life.

Roy Jok Ngau, a newly-certified diving instructor from Marudi, is full of enthusiasm for his new career.

He is passionate about diving. At just 22, he has a huge dream, and, indeed, is now living that dream — an underwater dream that is.

He has many encouraging things to say about diving just off the Miri coastline.

“You could never imagine the beauty of our water world. You can explore, exploit and touch the coral reefs, swim with the fishes like barracuda and baby sharks. I have seen some sharks in the distance. And every dive I have taken is a thrilling experience. Young people should really consider taking up diving as a professional career. And one care travel to see the world.”