Thursday, May 07, 2015

Coral Flyer Zipline in Sabah

One of the new tourism products in Sabah is the Coral Flyer Zipline which is absolutely unique for anyone who loves adventure and outdoor.

This is also the world's longest island to island zipline with a 250 meter total length and is located just outside Kota Kinabalu at Gaya Island and Sapi Island.

Opened in May 2014 by a Sabahan company, the zipline challenges participants as the experience takes you over the sea from one island to another island.

Something out of the ordinary and thrilling, this attraction is open to all ages too.

In general, the entire experience can be done within an hour and many are known to do it twice.

The starting point is located on a hilly area of Pulau Gaya and the zipline slopes downwards to Sapi Island which is your end point.

From the Gaya Island jetty, one needs to walk in pass the main jetty building and then turn left to the gear up point.

After gearing up with the harnesses and a safety briefing (safety is their number one concern), you then trek up a hill which is a 45 degrees walk for 5 minutes.

You then reach the metal platform where final checks are done before you go on your thrilling journey across the sea.

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