Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bengoh Cultural Carnival a tourist attraction

KUCHING: The Bengoh Cultural Carnival from May 22 to 24 means a lot to the people in promoting the area as a tourist destination among local and foreign tourists, says Assistant Minister of Public Health Datuk Dr Jerip Susil.

He said the hosting of Bengoh Cultural Carnival at the Bengoh Resettlement Scheme near Kpg Semadang in Jalan Puncak Borneo was meant to showcase the local cultures, traditions, costumes and the people’s life style.

“It is not merely a cultural and entertainment event but has a more important message to enhance better relationships among the people, especially those living in Bengoh constituency,” he said at the opening of the Bengoh Cultural Carnival 2015 and Padawan International 4X4 Extreme Off-Roaders Challenge here recently.

Dr Jerip added that the carnival would generate many economic activities as it allowed petty traders and hawkers to earn extra money.

“There are visitors who may be staying at nearby homestays and this will definitely bring extra income to the (homestay) operators,” he added.

He also said the carnival could be used to promote agriculture produce, handicraft items, local food and local culture.

He thus called on all quarters to support the carnival as it focused on unity and solidarity, adding that if the event proved successful it would be made an annual activity in the area.

Dr Jerip also said that during the activity-packed, three-day festival, members of the public would have an opportunity to meet in-person the world’s renowned six-member Bidayuh sub-tribe ladies wearing copper rings (‘ruyang’ and ‘rasung’) around their forearms and calves.

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