Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Art with Gawai touch

IN the spirit of Gawai this month, immerse in the culture of Sarawak’s ethnic groups at the Gawai Art Festival at Sarawak Plaza until Friday.

From afar, a soft tune of the sape can be heard all the way leading into the exhibition. The soothing music played by a talented musician named Sylvester resonates throughout the room, giving it a traditional ambience.

Brought to you by Galleria, this is the first art exhibition held outside the gallery.

“We want to bring the arts into the city rather than get people to come,” said Galleria owner Irene Lim.

She said the venue chosen also helped to attract tourists nearby to experience the art and culture of Sarawak.

Featuring 30 beautifully drawn pieces including crafts, the Gawai-themed gallery boasts different kinds of paintings for sale, including pastels, oil paintings and metal sculptures and locally-weaved baskets. Prices range from RM400 to RM4,000 for each piece.

All the artists are from Sarawak, including foreigners residing in the state. Coming from all walks of life and races, the gallery helps to unite them in the name of art. Lim said most of the works featured in the gallery were made by teachers and lecturers.

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